It is rare that something can offend me on so many levels that I just start laughing. I was searching for the original and this came up, before it.  My brain exploded, I was barraged  by so many simultaneous violations of taste and decency it felt like I was playing five hole at a gang bang.  This is akin to David Duke doing a heartfelt cover of “A change Gonna Come“.  Chris Brown must undergo daily medical procedures to have every drop of irony and self awareness drained from his bones.

The most notorious domestic abuser since Ike Turner is covering a legendary song about treating women with respect and gentleness. I find myself at a loss for hyperbole.

It’s only fitting that the actual performance is as tone deaf as the song choice. While butchering a classic track is way down on his list of crimes, when you start in that deep of a karmic hole you better knock one out of the park artistically. When you butcher said track this brutally I can only assume the whole endeavor was the result of some deranged bar bet with a shell shocked PR guy. Congratulations Chris, I had to pay a contractor holiday wages to dig a subbasement in my esteem to accommodate the ceaseless depths to which you sink. You win again.