There is another A.J. Valliant. Properly Irish. Technically a musician. And apparently quite litigious.  A while back I mentioned him in passing in a facebook post.

” I am now the proud owner of AJVALLIANT.com. Take that Albino Irish soul singer A.J. that’s always trying to steal my glory”

 You see previously his myspace page would come  up first when I googled my own name. With the founding of AJVALLIANT.com I returned to my rightful place at the top of the pile and considered the matter forgotten. Ah, but not so fast much-loved Canadian A.J. Valliant. You see today I checked the Other folder in facebook messages and found a communiqué that had lain fallow since Jan 7th{1]. It went as follows

“Hiya, I am the Albino Irish Singer, you have been insulting on your facebook Timeline. I have been in Equity, which is a union for performers, for 20 years. I feel that you are stating rubbish when you say to the general public, that I have pinched your name. To avoid legal proceedings, I would advise you to cease your tirade on faceboook, concerning my name. Ps. I am not an Albino. I look forward to hearing from yourself, within the near future”

Tragically what I assumed was a harmless glib comment must have been taken at face value across the pond, driving him into financial ruin, dark allegations of name pinching albinism dogging his trail. I had no idea that said traits were held in such low regard in my ancestral home that an off-hand jape delivered a continent away could so thoroughly consume a man’s life.

The other equally surprising revelation is that I’m fucking huge in Ireland. My facebook newsfeed reprinted on the front page of the Glinishmore Gazette, the juiciest bits bandied about at pubs come supper time. I had no idea that I had reached the level of market saturation where my inane facebook quips could shake the foundation of proud Eirinn herself. Heavy is the head…

Though, deep personal hardship inflicted aside, I do find myself I find myself searching for the tortuous statement. Despite his eventual denial he clearly identifies himself as an Irish Albino Singer, so his pigment is at least a source of general confusion.  And to be precise I did not accuse him of stealing my name, I said he was stealing my glory…the glory of being the first google entry under my name. Which he was. Though  perhaps I spoke too colorfully when I said steal, as it was more an obscurement than a theft, but that is grounds for semantic wrangling not civil action. Perhaps when he sends me a cease and desist letter for this one I can ask for clarification.


[1] The post went up Dec 22nd, so it took at least three weeks for his life to unravel.