There is a game of sorts that my friends and I play: someone offers up a mildly offensive idea, another elaborates in an amusing fashion, and then someone takes it way too far and we are all forced to create as much distance from the original line of inquiry as possible.  There is a distinct tipping point where an uncomfortable idea transforms into an abhorrent one. In an effort to spare you, our beloved readers, from the social censure we shall examine the spectrum of acceptability is various avenues to help to set your own line of decency. For each category of social interaction we assign a color coded designation

Fine, I suppose: Perhaps risque, but clearly within the boundaries of baseline decency
Borderline: You need a charitable audience to let this pass without comment A step too Far: I would absolutely laugh, but you are going lose friends.
Category Fine, I suppose.   Borderline A step too far
Suggestive military ranks Rear Admiral Cock Swain Frigadaire General
Feminine based products Lady Milk La Femme Burritos OBG-Wine
Bonding with inanimate objects Pets rocks Adopting stretches of Highway Marrying the persistently vegetative
Foreboding baby names Buster Having Lee as any part of a compound name Rapetholomew
Vaguely racist toy ideas Magic Sand Watermelon patch kids Rockem’ Sockum’ Jewbots
Awkward places to have a Romantic Anniversary dinner Columbine High Cafeteria Ground Zero gift shop: order humus and shawarma platter Crawlspace of ex girlfriends’ apartment.
Suggestive Band names The Kinks The Strokes Vas Difference’
True, but painful, career advice for a friend Firemen have to be able to do more than one pushup You’re too ugly to be a clown How could you be a policeman when you couldn’t keep yourself from being molested?
Mood killing euphemism for a spouses genitalia Slamgina Buttered velvet wallet The orifice for which circumstances have forced me to settle
Acceptable topics of discussion while babysitting How no one really won Vietnam How Strangers are just parents you haven’t met yet The Hidden meaning of mommies’ low back tattoo of a butterfly getting double teamed by two black guys.