Daily Prompt: SNAP


Of late I have been growing more and more furious over the western media’s denigration of my religious icons and fundamental belief structures. I feel this growing fury that needs release, what would you say is the best course of action?

 Irate Sympathizer In Lockdown

Location Withheld

I’ve been there, Ira.

When I was in kindergarten there was this kid Tim that was always on my ass; taking my toys, telling the teacher I was swearing, bad mouthing Spider-man. And then one day, this ignorant mother fucker draws an unflattering picture of me and sticks it on the play kitchen wall. Where all the kids can see it.

Now. I had a few options, try and guess the appropriate one:

  • a) Tell the teacher like a little snitch and get Tim in trouble?
  • b) Take his lunch that he might starve in keeping with his artistic pretensions?
  • c) Draw an unflattering picture of him?
  • d) Organize a campaign to exclude him from recess activities?
  • e) Strap an improvised explosive device to the class gerbil when it’s Tim’s turn to take it home, in hopes that it will destroy him and the pig-dog family that birthed him?

While each option has it charms, the correct answers was C.

As Tim did snitch, and my revenge drawing was taken away from me, here is an artistic recreation of it.


Was it childish and petty of me? Sure. But I was a child, and I am still quite petty. And I do genuinely understand how infuriating it is to have a false and ugly idea of who you are put into the public venue, but you cannot destroy an idea with force, you can only contest it with a superior idea.

So if you really want to get even, tell every person you see about the day your grandparents fell in love and how they still hold hands when crossing the street. People may not listen but at least you won’t be so angry all of the time.